A Wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal which is applied directly over the original paint of a vehicle. The application of the Wrap allows you to change and enhance the appearance of your vehicle in a very short period of time. The Wrap can be removed quickly and easily to return the vehicle back to it’s original condition without damage to the original paint.

A full wrap is exactly that… and it is great when you want to turn a one colour vehicle into a multicoloured moving billboard. It can also make your older vehicle look brand new and eliminate the need of buying a newer vehicle.

A Partial Wrap has graphics applied to targeted portions of the vehicle where as a full wrap covers the entire surface of the vehicle with graphics and new colours.

Partial wraps can be very cost effective and work well when the existing colour of your vehicle is used as the base colour of your advertisement. This is ideal for white vehicles.

Vehicle wraps are comprised of four phases:

1. The consultation phase: we will take measurements, inspect your car and discuss the design.

2. The design phase: our design team will come up with an eye grabbing solution for your wrap and set it up to be printed.

3. The production phase: the graphics are printed and then laminated to protect the vinyl from minor abrasions and UV rays that can cause the graphics to fade over time.

4. The Installation: the vinyl is applied to your vehicle by expert 3M preferred installers.

Under normal conditions, the wrap will last between 4-6 years. The life expectancy however, is dependant on many factors such as sun exposure and care of your vinyl wrap. If you follow our instructions, your wrap should last for many years to come. We use only the best films and laminates in the industry: 3M for Commercial Vehicle Wraps and 3M, Oracal, Avery, and Hexis for Colour Changing & Custom Vinyl Graphics.

Vehicle wraps will not damage factory paint jobs. It is important to do a thorough study of the vehicle during the consultation phase to identify any potential problem areas. If your vehicle has many problematic areas, a partial wrap may be advisable. Paint in poor condition or a re-painted vehicle may peel when the vinyl is removed.

  • After installation, wait 1 to 2 weeks before washing your vehicle.
  • Avoid high pressure washes, rather wash your car by hand.
  • Use your rear window defroster and not an ice scraper on window graphics as this will damage the print and vinyl.
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning the outside of your vehicle, hand washing is the best choice.
  • Avoid high pressure car washes or choose touch-free car washes if you must.

Your windows will be wrapped with “One-Way” vinyl film (this film has very small holes) that will allow the driver and passengers to see outside of the vehicle while the observers see only the graphics on your windows. For your safety, we do not wrap the front windshield, driver side, or front passenger side windows. The rear windshield and rear side windows (in most cases) are not a problem to have vinyl graphics.

Yes! Even though you can achieve the best visibility through non laminated perforated film, we do not recommend it for safety reasons. It is very difficult to see through the perforated window vinyl when driving in the rain. The laminate will also protect your window graphics from fading and scratches.

Yes. At Mad Graphics we keep a record of your files indefinitely. In most circumstances, when there is damage, it is not necessary to redo the whole vehicle wrap. You can have the damaged pieces or panels of your wrap replaced after your vehicle is repaired.

In most cases from 7- 10 days. The design phase may take 3-5 days depending on the complexity of the design. The printing will begin once the design is approved and it usually takes 2 days. After the vinyl is ready, the installation will take from one to three days depending on the complexity of the wrap and size of the vehicle.

Each vehicle wrap is unique, because not all advertising messages and vehicles come in the same size! Generally the cost for a partial vehicle wrap can run from $500 – $2500. A full wrap can run from $2000-$5500, depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle wrap.

There are several things to consider: Design Time, Materials (including vinyl and lamination), Print and Installation. Size of the vehicle, amount of the vehicle to be wrapped and the type of vehicle. In general, vehicles with compound-curves or indentions, like a PT Cruiser, are more difficult and more expensive to wrap than a box van with flat surfaces. Partial wraps are a great way to minimize cost as opposed to a full wrap.

Unlike traditional forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle wraps can get your message noticed in the highest and densely trafficked areas of cities, shopping malls, restaurants, highways and byways. You would be amazed at just how many people see your company vehicle on the road.

Did you ever ask yourself “What do potential clients think when they see my vehicles?” Branding? • Calls to action? • Or sadly…nothing? According to 3M, one car wrap gets between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day, which makes vehicle graphics among the most effective forms of advertising.

  • 90% of people will recall a vehicle wrap more easily than any other type of outdoor advertising.
  • 75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on the fleet graphics.
  • People who remember a vehicle with dramatic car graphics are more likely to take action.

Vehicle wraps are cost effective! Where else could you advertise to that many people for $63 per month? (Assuming your vehicle wrap costs $3,000 and lasts four years.) Your advertising will work all day. When not driving your vehicle, park it in an area with a high volume of traffic so that it will increase your exposure and generate more leads.Fleet and vehicle graphics should be part of your marketing strategy as they have become a recognized and effective marketing tool. If you are advertising, shouldn’t you begin with the most valuable advertising space you already own?

Your vehicle wrap WILL NOT bubble, fade or peel, our reputation relies on it! In the unlikely event that any part of your wrap fails we will fix or replace it, it's our warranty! (Negligence, misuse, accidents, or normal tear and wear are excluded.)