The Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap to Advertise Your Business

The secret to successful advertising is to stand out and make an unforgettable first impression with passersby. Vehicle wraps are an eye-catching and distinctive way to stand out in the public's eye as you spread awareness about your business. Vehicle wraps are a powerful marketing tool.

Impactful Advertisement

Thanks to its bright, and graceful design, your company's vehicle will stand out from the crowd as it expresses your business' message while on the road. Nobody pays attention to a plain looking car passing by on the lane next to them but with a well-thought, and designed wrap, their eyes will naturally be drawn in. Wraps are engaging, making people's eye be naturally pulled in by its colorful designs.

Broaden Your Audience

Whether you own one vehicle or ten, you can reach tens of thousands of viewers per months by simply driving to and from work or going to the shop. By getting your vehicle wrapped you reach a broader audience than by any other means, you're a rolling billboard.

Passive Advertising

Unlike many methods of advertisement in the market, vehicle wraps are a non-aggressive approach as it naturally attracts attention without any disturbance. You can present your businesses' message to potential clientele without significant distraction from their ongoing activities and is much well-received as it doesn't take an “in-your-face” approach.

Target Local Clients

Vehicle wraps are a form of targeted advertisement as you advertise to your local community and market pool. Local marketing is brilliant and produces a great number of results as most people like dealing with people of their own community.

Cost Effective

Unlike advertisement methods such as billboards and bus ads that consist of reoccurring costs, you can update your wrap's design as little or often as you see fit. Full vehicle wraps can be a fraction of the costs and investment of long-term advertisement and will generate results for years to come.

Protect Your Car

Vinyl wraps help protect your vehicle's paint and body against scratches and dents from road debris. If done by a specialist, vinyl can easily be removed without damaging the vehicle's original paint. They will also keep your vehicle in great shape if you decide to trade or sell them in the future.

There is practically no downside in the investment of a vehicle wrap, and it's a guarantee that all expenses invested in it will be recuperated from the added exposure. Vehicle wraps aren't just a smart investment but a clever way to stand out from the gray crowd.

About Mad Graphics

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Why Choose Mad Graphics

We provide our customers with the highest quality products and the best price for any type of budget. On top of that our expert installers will have your car ready in no time.
3M Preferred Graphic Installers are recognized in the industry for their extensive knowledge and mastery of vinyl installation techniques. Our 3M Preferred Graphics Installers produce the best wraps in the market and are backed by 3M.
Your vehicle wrap WILL NOT bubble, fade or peel, our reputation relies on it! In the unlikely event that any part of your wrap fails we will fix or replace it, it's our warranty! (Negligence, misuse, accidents, or normal tear and wear are excluded.)
Yes, that's right, NO HIDEN CHARGES. We offer FREE Graphic Design for your Car Wrap. We believe that design and artwork is part of the wrap process and shouldn't be charged as an extra. Just bring your logo and ideas you would like to incorporate in your design and we will do the rest. We use a state-of-the-art computer programs and very accurate vehicle wrap templates to design the artwork that best suits your vehicle. We will take your idea and make your vehicle into a vibrant head turning billboard.
Our state of the art HP LATEX 3600 printer is the newest and most complete and competitive printing machine for the modern vehicle wrap company. The HP LATEX 360 printer produces rich, vibrant images with increased colour density and it's ink is fade resistant.